Dear Creighton NFP Charting users,

Recently, I received a Cease & Desist letter from Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers and the Pope Paul VI Institute. They have demanded that this app be removed from the Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Apple App Stores. While I have consulted with two legal experts who believe that I am not violating any of the Pope Paul VI Institute's rights, I am deciding to comply with their demands after much deliberation and prayer.

I want to thank all of you for using my app. I got to make several new friends, meet Mexican missionaries, and other people from places as far as Poland and Slovakia, where I didn't even know the creighton model was being used! I also encountered a handful of people that had never heard of using the creighton method before, and I was able to guide them to the FertilityCare website where they could find an instructor.

Together, we sponsored over $2,500 to Pro-Life charities & causes.

Below you may find copies of our correspondence if you wish to read them:

1) Initial letter from Pope Paul VI Institute
2) My initial response
3) Pope Paul VI Institute's second letter
4) My final response

I have heard that the Pope Paul VI Institute is currently in the process of developing their own app -- hopefully this will suit your charting needs.

As for me, when God closes one door, he opens another. I'm excited for the opportunities ahead, and thank you all for being a small part of my journey.

Feel free to visit my website to keep up with what I'm doing, or find the Spaddlewit Facebook & Twitter pages.

God bless,

A.J. Freda
Spaddlewit Inc.